Posted by: storypilgrim | October 13, 2010

If I had wings… Sept. 28, 2010

It has been far too long since I have gotten around to writing up the monthly club for this blog. In fact I looked back and I have not written since March! Unforgivable…

Over the past few months we have had a lot of great nights. Back in April we had stories around the theme of the Environment when we were told about Lindsey’s wonderful trip to Indonesia and surrounding islands and her unnerving encounters with orangutans, as well as a story admonishing the mistreating of the selkies from Senga. In May we visited the Fife village of Letham for stories of  ‘Life and the Land’  when Sylvia had folk off chasing bunnocks and there was much to sing about.  I was off visiting my home across the puddle in June so I missed the club that month. In July we had a busy month with a very successful appearance at the Big Tent with stories for kids and adults and the following week our monthly club was back in Dundee at Drouthy Neebors and was centered around ‘Dreams’ when Kenn told us of a fascinating dream he had that gave him an insight into the story behind the folk tune  ‘The Road to Dundee.’  Then in August ‘Peace’ was our theme with stories of carpets, giants and monkeys.

Now on to September, as my memory was not serving me well in recollecting the clubs before this past month. We were in Drouthy Neebors but instead of being in the main basement room we had been allocated the space at the bottom of the stairs for the first time and it was a test to see how it was. The space had its problems, a bit too noisy and busy but we made it through the night and had some great stories and the like.

Our theme was ‘If I had wings,’ stories of flying, birds, the air and anything else that seemed to fit, or not perhaps. Our first teller was Sheila and she had wee Walter flying off  to football matches with his mittens unknowingly made from a magic carpet and the magic words, “Alec has ham.” Then there was Robbie telling us of the talkative frog and the geese who try to take him flying as he holds on to a stick with his mouth, it was his idea. The most fitting story of the evening came from Zac who gave us a version of the tale of Daedalus & Icarus, to my disappointment the ending was the as it always has been, poor Icarus. I then gave a telling of the Scottish tale ‘The Battle of the Birds’ as quick as I could though it did go on a bit longer than I anticipated. Morgan had to compete a bit with the rabble coming down the stairs when he began his rendition of Poe’s ‘The Raven.’ He got into the flow with a part spoken part sung recitation of the fine poem. We were off to Scandinavia with  Senga as she had Nils on the beach finding enchanted cities and lost coins. We were to ‘Fly Like an Eagle’ with Paul’s singing and then he told us a personal anecdote of a special moment in the darkness of the wood when he was in the company of bats. Then we were whisked off by Sylvia and her astounding telling of a tale of Lord Mount Dragon, the little weaver who kills 3-score and 10 with one blow and in his armour of pots & pans is off on his shenanigans to battle with dragons. We had a pleasant surprise this evening in the form of Andy Hunter who gave us his tale of Peewee the Peacock, who prefers to be called ‘Beautiful is his tail as the sun coming over the mountains in…’ and it goes on to prove that having a pretty name could surely be your demise.

That, in a nutshell, was our evening. That could be a good theme for a future club: ‘In a Nutshell.’ I will make a note of that. Hopefully I will be back to give an account of our International Storytelling Guest Jeeva Raghunath, or someone else will, and then the next club with the fitting theme for October of ‘Scary Stories’ in a new venue of which we are as yet unsure.


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